Dorset Fields

The Village Tales of Fekenham Swarberry – ‘The Diary Journal of Verity Lambush’

      July, 1975. Well, that’s it! My first term at Fekenham Comprehensive (or FEKCOM as some of the more snot nosed children colloquially call it) has come to an end. And what a term it has been. Celebrated my 26th birthday on the 12th June. Managed to ‘bag’ old sexy legs Hornblower in the gym. Arse like two rocks. Thighs like Red Rum … Continue reading The Village Tales of Fekenham Swarberry – ‘The Diary Journal of Verity Lambush’

Brave Soldier

Brave Soldier

The setting sun that had just prompted the mass of sub Commanders to prayer, led by their Commander had finally disappeared causing increasingly indistinct shadows in the deepening gloom of the evening. The men, led by their Commander entered the makeshift rectangular hall dominated by a nondescript wooden table surrounded by rows of wooden chairs. They were there to debrief the Commander about any serious … Continue reading Brave Soldier

Read Alert! Who's telling who?

Who’s Telling Who?

Choosing the narrator is the trickiest part of starting a new piece, specially a long one. While revising your first draft, there will be tons of things you’ll want to change: setting, plot points, characters’ names, characters’ motivations and many, many other details. But it can be a real obstacle for your book when you read that draft and realize you’re not satisfied with who’s … Continue reading Who’s Telling Who?

New Online Agency Open to Submissions

New Online Literary Agency Open to Submissions!

New Literary Agent, Kizzy Thomson, has this month launched her online literary agency and is accepting submissions online. is an online literary agency and promotional platform for authors.  You can sign up for free and submit your synopsis and opening chapters online, or by email for those who prefer anonymity. The online submission process doubles up as an author promotional tool allowing members to … Continue reading New Online Literary Agency Open to Submissions!

Free Workshop with Sophia Tobin

Wandsworth Heritage Service will hold a free historical fiction writing workshop on 16th November from 6-9pm. The event will take place at the Service (above Battersea Library) and forms part of the national Explore Your Archive programme of events. The workshop will be hosted by historical fiction author Sophia Tobin, author of Sunday Times bestseller The Silversmith’s Wife and The Widow’s Confession, published in January … Continue reading Free Workshop with Sophia Tobin

That Uppity Mr Corbyn

That Uppity Mr Corbyn

Cameron’s outburst at the Tory party conference reveals – amongst other things – just how rattled he is by Corbyn’s continued insouciance toward the monarchy. Yes folks, Mr Corbyn has been at it again; this time, failing to participate in a ritualised abasement of self, in honour of an ancient Norman tradition. However quaint the concept of kneeling before Her Majesty (and kissing her ring) … Continue reading That Uppity Mr Corbyn


Satin Island by Tom McCarthy

Forged from a technobabble portmanteau of modern jargon buzzwords comes this novel with a narrative that muscles in with a highly linguistic style. It is both enthralling and enraging. I was compelled to read it whilst despairing of its conceits. I remain unconvinced that the author is not simply toying with his readers, leading them on in the belief that his work is a fresh approach, an antidote for his perceived … Continue reading Satin Island by Tom McCarthy