Queen Of The Funkin Drums

QUeen of the Funkin Drums Jojo Ruocco

Listen To Mikey Flynn reading about Jojo Ruocco the Queen Of The Funkin Drums, this piece features Ronnie Wood Ronnie At The Rah

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About Mikey Flynn (7 Articles)
Shy American writer living in England. Writes about travel, aliens, the mystery of the psyche. Working on a full length novel about alien abduction, based on a true story.

1 Comment on Queen Of The Funkin Drums

  1. Wow, what a concert! Wish I’d been in the house, but wait, I feel like I was. This was a great “you are there” piece. The people are real and I you can just picture the smoky sweaty atmosphere, with hot chili Jojo Ruocco pounding the drums. The picture is great – her face says it all.


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