A New Britain?

A New Britain?

Never mind, now we can all embrace ourselves with a Churchillian spirit – there is a war on again,  against terrorism, against the outside.  And the British do war so well, particularly nowadays. The British do very well selling arms. The Saudis love it; the Yemenis just get bombed.  The Afghans, Libyans, and Iraqis have to flee from British military intervention.  And the refugees Britain … Continue reading A New Britain?

Swim And Steam

Swim And Steam

Unlikely friends, she and I, an acquaintance that grew over time, and over lingering cups of coffee. What drew us together was the fact that we were both American, both divorcees living alone in our smug, suburban town of Toddington. I met Antonia in the local bookshop, having just moved here following a bitter divorce. She sauntered up to the counter, super fit in a v-neck … Continue reading Swim And Steam

Today I Choose

Today I Choose.

Today I am choosing to end a life. It is not something I am taking lightly. I hadn’t intended to be in this situation. After all, I’m an independent woman, and although my history of mental illness means I’m known for flaking out and melting down, it hardly pre-determines that I’d go to this extreme. But you don’t get to predict what your body is going to … Continue reading Today I Choose.



A wrestler in the ring attacked by another wrestler showing the same feats of courage as his opponent against his opponent not to win the battle but to prove his identity that others render as supercilious but for him, is as equivalent as a law because he is an object not a subject in the story created by him while a ring is his identification … Continue reading Creation


The Trouser Role

The curtain rose, revealed the obscene scene Of lovers ungauged by passions enraged. A head goes down in haste to taste the Queen. The women sing. Sweet harmonies cascade, Into lustful grating cadence of sound Until silenced by a lingering kiss. The strings take up the tension, and astound The voyeurs gaping at the lovers’ bliss. The words they sing, hidden in music’s flow, Fly … Continue reading The Trouser Role

Wharton’s Light

‘There are two ways of spreading light… ’ wrote Edith Wharton in The Age of Innocence. ‘To be the candle or the mirror reflecting it.’ Wharton was Jane Austen’s successor, Virginia Woolf’s precursor, Scott Fitzgerald’s inspiration, and in her way, she achieved more in her writing than all three. On reading this, the various Jane Austen appreciation societies are reaching for their wax to make … Continue reading Wharton’s Light

The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton

The Age Of Innocence By Edith Wharton

Edith Wharton’s classic novel, The Age of Innocence, discloses the habits and customs of New York’s high society in the late 1870’s. In this novel, Wharton examines the social and moral insecurities of a tribe of people, unflinching in their adherence to ‘the norm’. Wharton wrote her novel in the 1920’s, looking back through time and training her spyglass on a society threatened with extinction. … Continue reading The Age Of Innocence By Edith Wharton


Amazing Berlin Nights

Sometimes, a choice of entertainment can lead to strange places. I saw an advert for a reading of Shakespeare’s sonnets for his 400th – we didn’t know in which language it would be, but as the venue was one of our favourites, the UfA Fabrik, we couldn’t resist the moment. The UfA is the original film studio in Berlin and stands in stark contrast to … Continue reading Amazing Berlin Nights