A Boxful Of Ideas

  Poetry and Prose by LGBT Writers. I was eighteen, when male homosexuality ceased to be a crime in the UK. The old law was harsh, and prescribed jail sentences. Back in history, the death penalty was applied. No wonder the law was called ‘the blackmailer’s charter.’ The point is that I grew up in a world where homosexuals were criminals. As a schoolboy, at … Continue reading A Boxful Of Ideas

Tips For Demented Writers

Tips for Demented Writers

I often read these lovely tips for writers. Being darkly cynical I then reflect that all they wrote for that day was a list of tips for other writers, and that really they have lost an opportunity for writing something really meaningful that day. A successful writer is merely someone who shares their madness with a wider group. When I first started writing, everything I … Continue reading Tips for Demented Writers


Love At The End Of A Rope

Youth is a film about old men. This reviewer is an old man, so one may expect his eye and ear to be particularly critical. In fact, the harshest words about this film came from the young newspaper blades, the professional film critics. It was on general release from January 2016 and was soon available for free streaming on Amazon Prime. I think that counts … Continue reading Love At The End Of A Rope

Why Hillary Clinton Should Be Left Alone

Why Hillary Clinton Should Be Left Alone

The Undoing Of America Trump is president-elect of the United States and like all seismic shocks, the actual aftermath is more disturbing than the event itself. Rioting in the streets, predictions of doom and gloom, and in some quarters, a quiet conviction that the devil himself has inherited the earth. Others see Trump as a saviour. Rabbi Mendel Kessin for instance has likened Trump to … Continue reading Why Hillary Clinton Should Be Left Alone

The Train Departing From Platform Sixteen

The Train Departing From Platform Sixteen

Rush hour and the station was crowded. Hundreds of people watched the departure board intently for their platform number. Nothing showed. Suddenly, there was a surge forward as everyone attempted to get through the same ticket gates, jostling with suppressed annoyance. The train was leaving in one minute from the far end of platform sixteen. Fast moving old ladies shuffled at quite some shuddering pace … Continue reading The Train Departing From Platform Sixteen


The Face Of Things To Come

Two things gave me a jolt last week. Firstly, the analysis of our future world of work, in a 10 minute magazine programme, scared me, until I realised, we, as working people, have mastered worse. The programme told that around 20% of the workforce is involved in manufacturing. Within 20 years, with the increased use of computer controlled (robot) technology, it will decrease to around … Continue reading The Face Of Things To Come


WHAT HAPPENED IN THIS ELECTION? ? John Chuckman ? Brushing away the extreme claims and rhetoric of much election analysis, there are some observations which deserve attention. These unfortunately mostly provide hard lessons and not a lot of encouragement for people who hold to principles of democracy, enlightenment, and progressivity. The election demonstrated perhaps better… Continue reading JOHN CHUCKMAN ESSAY: WHAT HAPPENED IN THIS ELECTION?

Lumbar Room By Saki

Lumber Room By Saki

A story by Saki perfectly explains how a child’s imagination always come into conflict with dull and constricted world of adults Last night, I was reading a story ‘Lumber Room’ written by Hector Hugh Munro, better known by his pen name ‘Saki’ where he draws a contrast between the world of an adult and a child. Nicholas, the male protagonist of the story, has been … Continue reading Lumber Room By Saki