Wagner – The Ring Cycle

The Ring Cycle, (full name ‘the Ring of the Nibelungen,’) finished its Gateshead run last week. Sixteen hours of drama spread over four nights, two long intervals each night – about a day of your life. I have no idea what decent seats cost, but as the whole shebang demands a massive orchestra, a team of top singers in their prime, chorus, vast stage settings … Continue reading Wagner – The Ring Cycle



I can’t give him anything except some weak hopes and bleak accounts, that are not sufficient enough to make him feel the pain, not of losing me, but of losing a chance to wag with pride and conceit in the midst of those moments that still reek of our togetherness, and bring me the tales of his indifference towards our part, His nonchalance doesn’t move … Continue reading Slayed


Art, Technology Versus Nature

Here is a thought! In the age of the steam train, as much coal was used carrying coal to railway depots around the country to power steam trains as was burnt by industrial and domestic users. Once the age of steam was done, there were vast areas of redundant railway sidings. Most were built on, but suppose one forgot about the sidings – all 18 … Continue reading Art, Technology Versus Nature


Winner Of Prestigious Bloomsbury Publishing Award

New London Writers is proud to announce that one of our writers, Jan Moran Neil has won Bloomsbury Publishing’s Writers & Artists’ International Sonnet Competition in association with the Royal Society of Literature and judged by Ruth Padel. Jan’s sonnet ‘Silver Surfing’ will be published in the RSL’s December Review. Here is the link: https://www.writersandartists.co.uk/2016/06/on-having-to-choose-only-three-out-of-a-whole-rainbow-of-wonderful-sonnets. Well done Jan! Continue reading Winner Of Prestigious Bloomsbury Publishing Award

Amazing Women Of Berlin

Amazing Women

The Ephraim Palace in Berlin dedicates its exhibitions to Berlin events and history. Their current collection is about important Berlin women, who shaped our modern world. They were women a hundred years ahead of their time and they had to deal with prejudice and mockery. Most were active in the latter decades of the nineteenth century, up to the rise of fascism in the 1920’s … Continue reading Amazing Women

Death Of Democracy

The notion of a second referendum to reverse the ill-thought out decision of the voting public is as authoritarian as it is anti-democratic. In a rare display of democracy at work, Cameron, albeit for the wrong reasons, offered autonomy to the people of the U.K. The people voted against remaining in the EU. Political commentators of all shades (in the Remain camp) have reacted with … Continue reading Death Of Democracy

Blustering Boris’s Blues

Feel sorry for a Tory Toff. No one told me to tell the truth. Of loyalty I always scoff. Daggered Dave is surely the proof.   Oh to stroll in Rome or Berlin. It’s a merry dance in Blighty. England I’ve steeped deep in sin. Pity the Eton mighty?   It seemed an easy game to play, To flirt with a rhyme to Garage. Vote … Continue reading Blustering Boris’s Blues