Paul Nash – Beyond Reason?

The Tate is currently hosting a Paul Nash exhibition.  It is a strange affair. Though maybe it has a lot to say about our post-factual, post truth world.  If you can see, how do you show the truth? Paul Nash was a painter, he was a soldier in the first world war, and was  invalided  out and  then became an official world war artist.  He … Continue reading Paul Nash – Beyond Reason?


Indie Writers – Neurosis Is Healthy

The Black Prince by Iris Murdoch has numerous allusions to Hamlet. She sets the great character from Shakespeare’s play against a failing author. Murdoch’s story exposes the neuroses and mendacity of the mediocre novelist, and is a novel within a novel, just as Hamlet exposes the neuroses and mendacity within the court in Denmark, with a play within a play. The Black Prince should be … Continue reading Indie Writers – Neurosis Is Healthy

enni Murray - A History of Britain in 21 Women

Jenni Murray – A History of Britain in 21 Women

Refuting Thomas Carlyle’s famous line from 1840 that ‘the history of the world is but the biography of great men’ and citing Steve Biddulph’s claim that it was men who built planes, railways, cars, ships, hospitals and medicines and ‘made it all happen’ as ‘rubbish!’ Jenni Murray reveals her cast of those who have inspired her own life and that of millions of people – … Continue reading Jenni Murray – A History of Britain in 21 Women



At the verge of demolition, life often gives you mysterious surprises, fascinating hopes, glittering dreams, battered ideas, just to distract you from the current happenings; a heart, that is already torn, broken and pierced by a whole set of presumed consequences, scatters all over the universe, creating a whole passage for humanists to come and fix by replacing the damaged arteries with other vessels of … Continue reading Virginity


Don’t Say Don’t.

New Year Resolutions are doomed to fail. The inclusion of the word ‘don’t,’ kills all hope of success. It is accepted in educational psychology, that people fail to register words such as don’t and stop, when used in the imperative. Why isn’t clear. Apparently, we hate negatives. The Charge of the Light Brigade was probably caused by the order, ‘Don’t charge the heights where the … Continue reading Don’t Say Don’t.

A Boxful of Ideas reviewed by Paul Gallagher

A Boxful of Ideas reviewed by Paul Gallagher   Asked to review an anthology of writing,  you might have noticed a hesitancy in my voice as I accepted with enthusiasm. I could not easily refuse a friend, yet the history of reading  mediocre writing was catching in my throat.  Would it be like that? The answer I can affirm is no. I have enjoyed reading … Continue reading A Boxful of Ideas reviewed by Paul Gallagher