Malaysian Airlines – What Really Happened?


There are three possible explanations for the Malaysian Airlines catastrophe

  1. The plane was abducted by Aliens, all of it, lock stock and barrel. The Aliens whisked the plane off to another dimension where the occupants are being held hostage and their hormones and glandular organs extracted. Hopefully, the hostages are under mind control and believe they are holidaying in the Bahamas.
  2. A terrorist group of unspecified origin has hijacked the plane, switched off the transponder, and landed it on a remote island. The hostages are bound, whilst the terrorists interrogate some very important people about very important things to do with military weapons.
  3. The Rolls Royce engine failed, or there was a faulty fuel gauge, and the Malaysian Airlines pilot attempted to turn back. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it, and the plane plummeted into the Indian Ocean, leaving a trail of burning debris in the sky.

Number three is by far the least attractive option, for a number of reasons. If the engine failed, in whose interest is it to inform the public? The fallout, in terms of investigations, head-rolling, financial costs, legal fees, job losses, industry upheaval, etc, etc, doesn’t bear thinking about. The question is, who switched off the transponder? And why? Whatever happened, the truth must come out.  Tragically, 239 people may have lost their lives and their families need to know. When will Malaysian Airlines own up to the truth about what happened? The families of the passengers deserve the truth, don’t they?

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