Why Supermarkets Suck – Take Morrisons

The world is being taken over by cash machines, I’ve suspected this forever, now worthy old Morrisons supermarket is crunching off 2600 human jobs In favour of these metal beings. What a shame, it’s a sweet supermarket compared to most. Always offering bargains, the best and the cheapest Feta cheese this side of the Mediterranean sea. What is happening to our world? Why don’t we humans protect our interests, are we going to roll over like sissies and let these infernal auto-cash thugs take our money and push us around forever?

I hate those bullies, always ordering me about, “please put the item back in the bag” and “please pay for your item”. Gone are the days when you could switch the label on the box for the cheaper item, and hand it to the smiling cashier at the checkout! (Joke! Jeez)

Seriously though, what a shame we are losing yet more of our lovely old-fashioned ways in favour of cost-cutting and resource efficiencies or whatever the jargon is these days. People’s lives are important, people’s lives depend on jobs, therefore jobs are important.

Morrisons is on a drive to “modernise” the way its stores are managed and cutting back layers of management. Fair enough, but when I walk into my lovely local Morrisons for a generous tub of stir fry salad I see only empty checkouts, and I am assailed by the loud, metallic voice of that monstrosity who grabs my money in her greedy mouth. And you can’t ask to see her supervisor either, because even if she took you seriously in that evil metallic brain of hers, they’ve all been laid off, remember?

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One thought on “Why Supermarkets Suck – Take Morrisons

  1. If we are doing supermarkets, why stop at automatic checkouts?
    1. Restructuring the layout so we have to learn where things are. I know – they want us to look at things we don’t want in the hope we will want, but how much time does that waste for busy mums/dads and the rest of us? If we don’t want it – let us be? Why tempt us to consume more just to satisfy shareholders? Lidl and Aldi don’t have shareholders and don’t do store rearrangements.
    2. Two for one offers or two for one and a bit. Who needs twice as many bananas?
    These offers cause food waste and hit old people and singles who have no need for masses of veg. They also complicate the computations and are designed so that you accidently take 2 things not linked, or if you had the time and a calculator, you would find the saving for double the amount is minute. Just charge the right price in the first place for the first item.
    3. Pricing is done, overnight, from head office, when the till is updated and the barcodes re-entered with prices. This means you must check every offer to see if the store description labels have kept up with the update. Conveniently for the store, they sometimes haven’t and it won’t be to the customer advantage.
    4. Believe me – we are being shafted. Do a weekly shop in France, Holland, Germany etc. and watch the till tick up to 2/3 the UK level. Wages are comparable – real estate no cheaper.
    5. As the stranglehold on retail falls to ever bigger monopolies, the farmer or other supplier gets ever less, has to wait to be paid, while the customer pays ever more and does it immediately.


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