Amanda Knox In Trouble Again

I mean what is going ON with Amanda Knox, there I was thinking she’s so sweet and innocent, those big, baby doll blue eyes, no wonder the TV networks had her on the airwaves, all of America is rootin for the gal with no pal, but hey … what if she’s guilty? What if she’s pullin’ the wool over our eyes.

She and Meredith fell out over the flush of the toilet, sounds minor but is it? How annoying when someone leaves evidence in the bowl … can’t blame Meredith for having a go, but is it enough to KILL for? I mean if someone says, hey you! Flush the goddamn loo! Are you gonna get a knife and slash their throat? No, I don’t thinks so.

Now the prosecutors are saying she’s connected to the the local coke dealers, not good for the CV. The official knight in shining amour, Sollecito, 30, has turned his back on his lady friend citing “peculiarities” in her version of events.

This is just not going away. Let’s hope justice is done for Meredith Kercher whose memory is getting lost in all of this Amanda Knox publicity.

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