Welcome To Londonistan – The Islamic Centre of The West

Welcome to Londonistan

On Aug. 9, The Guardian reported that in the ballpark of 20 Asian adolescents had accumulated around the Tower Hamlets gates, where a dark banner, taking after that of ISIS, was raised. The banner was removed later by a nun.
Tower Hamlets is one of numerous foci where the Saudis breed their Wahhabi initiates.

In 2013, when Sheik al-Kalbani was denied passage to the U.K., supporters of the Islamic Minister of Scorn, Anjem Choudary, (leader of Islam4uk), headed an open demo in London against Shi’a Muslims.

This, mind you, three years after Islam4uk was formally banished under the U.K’s. counter-terrorism laws.  Why was the group allowed to freely demonstrate?

London, it seems, specialises in nourishing and nurturing guys like Choudary, clothing them, and keeping them well fed, (and on benefits) like weird pets.

Who the hell is ISIS anyway?

welcome to Londonistan

ISIS did not spring out of nowhere, it was a collection of mercenary terrorists used to depose Assad then coagulated – with the help of bankrolling – into a force. Jabhat al-Nusra (a faction of al-Qaeda), and ISIS cooperated in the early phases of the West-organized and Saudi-Qatari-Kuwaiti-subsidized attack on Assad militancy.

These nasty geurillas flew banners together amid activist operations against Damascus; however that changed, and the Salafi-Wahhabis, (Saudi’s and London’s pets) having seized arms and ammo from their prior partners, turned into the powerhouse.

Among the ISIS warriors, the Londonistan-made jihadists are the biggest and most prevailing bunch. The Telegraph, in an Aug. 21 article, “More British Muslims battle in Syria than in U.K. Military,” said Khalid Mahmood, the Member of Parliament from Birmingham, which by the way, is another centre of nourishment.

Kalid said “1,500 British Muslims have gone to wage jihad since 2011, instead of the 400-500 the legislature gauges and the 650 serving in the British military.”

But where are these guys getting the money?

Presently, it is apparent that ISIS has enough resources earned from murder, plunder etc, to sustain itself, and even to develop as a growing force, possibly amassing up to 17000 soldiers.

In 2010, The Guardian cited U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as saying that Saudi Arabia is the world’s  wellspring of funds for Islamic aggression worldwide.  For example, the Afghan Taliban and Lashkar-e-Taiba (Let)—both of which uphold the Wahhabi variant of standard Islam.  Saudi Arabia remains a basic money resource for al-Qaida, the Taliban, Let and other terrorist groups marked out by the US secretary of state.  Clinton urged US negotiators to prevent Gulf cash from upholding so called radicals in Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

Three other Arab nations are recorded as wellsprings of aggressor cash: Qatar, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates.  The current brutality is bankrolled by rich contributors over the Arabian Sea whose legislatures do little to stop them. The issue is especially intense in Saudi Arabia, where Jihadist groups slip into the nation to  get cash from government-endorsed foundations.

In addition, Saudi money is also building bases in several nations for recruitment and training of jihadis for future operations. These recruits became visible when the Libyan Islamic Fighters Group (LIFG) was used to dismantle the Libyan state and kill Colonel Qaddafi. Pakistan and Britain are two important centres where the Saudis operate hand-in-glove with local intelligence.


Following the murder of the American James Foley by a British jihadi working with ISIS, it was obvious that ISIS was determined to show its muscle in Britain.

With a base in Tower Hamlets in East London, Londonistan is a world unto itself, where Britain enrolls and trains Saudi-subsidized radicals and Sunni Muslims to murder and kill, and then conveys them wherever required to serve certain purposes. The attraction for British Jihadists is obvious.  The pay is good and the scenery is vibrant, no shortage of food, guns or women for enforced marriage.  Who needs boring work when you can play at dictatorship, murder and mayhem?

Tower Hamlets is the place the Shi’a-scorning radical and head Imam of Mecca, Sheik Adel al-Kalbani (who a year ago was declined entry into Britain) went for a friendly neighbourhood chat with Tower Hamlets’ Mayor, Lutfur Rahman, who heads the Saudi-financed Jamaat-e-Islami in Britain.  As indicated by a Bangladeshi columnist, Tower Hamlets has been changed over the years into the “Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets” under that same leader.

Is this the shape of the future for Britain? The question is can Britain motivate herself for sufficiently long enough to avoid becoming a proxy nation for the Salafi-Wahhabis, who are confident that their flag will fly over parliament within a generation. They may be right.

A regular day in Londonistan


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