The Children Act by Ian McEwan

A leading High Court judge is faced with making both a private and a public decision. It’s a perfect juxtaposition. Does this fifty nine year old wife end her marriage to a faithless husband of thirty years? That’s, unfortunately, not an unusual dilemma. But at the same time the woman has to make the extraordinary decision. Does she allow a young seventeen year old to refuse medical treatment for his own religious reasons or force a life giving blood transfusion on him?
The decisions run concurrently but for Adam, the young seventeen year old, time is running out. One also has a feeling that time is running out for Fiona Maye. There’s a powerful twist but it made me consider the bleak fact that at some time in our lives most of us are forced into making life changing decisions for not only ourselves but for others. The novel’s a close analysis of our private and public personae.
There’s also a moment of a madness …

Published by Jonathan Cape

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