Love Your Wine by Cathy Marston

Love Your Wine

 Most of us, I would guess, divide wine into these three classes: (a) Eye-wateringly expensive (for wine snobs and oligarchs only); (b) So cheap you’re convinced it would be more suitable in a salad dressing or as a paint remover, or; (c) reasonably priced and tastefully packaged enough so as not to embarrass yourself at the next braai, (the South African word for barbecue)  i.e. the wine I buy.

It is for these oenophiles – wine lovers (sorry, I couldn’t resist that) who may want to bone up on their reds, whites, pinks and bubblies that Cathy Marston has written this book. This is a highly informative and easy-to-understand (even after a glass or two) guide to Cape wines that clears up the mysteries of wine, wine-making and wine-pairing.
However, this is no stodgy ‘sniff’, ‘sip’, ‘swill’, ‘spit’ or ‘swallow’ book to be earnestly studied in dark, damp cellars amid dusty bottles of expensive reserves. Cathy’s style is relaxed and humorous, to whit, her introduction:

“Treat this book like a swimming pool – dip your toes in to test the water, leap in from any point that takes your fancy, splash about, enjoy yourself, then when you’re exhausted, lie down in the sunshine and sip a glass of something delicious.”

I knew I would enjoy her book when, at her launch at the Thursday Club at Buitenverwachting Wine Estate, she stated (and I paraphrase): “Don’t be intimidated when a wine you’re drinking is described as blackberry with a hint of chocolate, with notes of coffee, blah, blah, blah. If you think it tastes like baked beans, then that’s okay! For you it tastes like baked beans!”
Cathy Marston and Reviewer (Di van der Westhuizen)

I can heartily recommend Love Your Wine as a highly entertaining book. It would make a fabulous Christmas present for your wine-loving family and friends. If nothing else, it will help them choose reasonably-priced excellent wines (that could knock the socks off their over-priced relatives) to enjoy over the festive season and beyond.

The book is available at Bookstorm

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