Anjem’s Perfect State

Party Political Broadcast – The Transformation of the Ruling System

There can only be one Caliphate – No opposition

I have to admit though, the man is a visionary, he has a very clear and concise vision of a future Britain, something our current leaders lack.  Anjem envisions a Britain ruled by the benign Caliphate, (if that’s not too much of a contradiction in terms).

In the post ISIS world then, when the Islamic rule of law is established peace will reign amongst Muslims upon the earth. In this video Anjem discusses his manifesto, the frameworks for society, taken from the documents of his esteemed mentor Omar Bakri Muhammad (OBM is well in the background now though).

I bet Anjem expects to be top dog when that happy day arrives.  Muslims will live in a corruption free, Muslim State where women and children and old people go first; where everyone works nine-to-five like perfect automatons;  where there is no such thing as Baksheesh).

Furthermore, “basic needs taken care of” and everyone fed and watered.  All very happy-clappy, unless you’re a thief, an apostate, a non-Muslim, an adulterer, a woman, or gay.

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