Kindle, King of Readers

There are three main reasons why Kindle is the King of Readers.
Electronic readers (e-readers) are a popular alternative to traditional paper books. They are small and portable, but can store hundreds of books, magazines, and newspapers. Owning an e-reader is like having a library in the palm of your hand.
There are many different types of e-readers available, but the Amazon Kindle stands above the rest as one of the best electronic reading devices on the market today.

Here are three reasons why Kindle is so awesome:

1. It’s easy on the eyes!

Kindle has an electronic paper screen that mimics the look of ink on paper. Electronic ink (e-ink) technology provides a high contrast screen that makes it easy to read, even in bright light conditions. Kindle is the first e-reader to use e-ink technology and it still has the highest screen resolution in the business. Other e-readers use a backlit LCD screen that can cause glare, eye strain, and even melatonin suppression, which disrupts sleep.

2. Tons of books!

Kindle gives avid readers direct access to the Amazon library of over a million books (including the books published by New London Writers). You can seamlessly download books, magazines, and newspapers via Whispernet (Amazon’s free wireless download service) directly to your Kindle e-reader. No additional syncing or file transfer is required as is the case with other e-readers.

3. Super long battery life!

Since Kindle uses e-ink technology that doesn’t require a backlit LCD screen (except for the Paperwhite and Voyage models, which use a front-lit LED display), the battery usage is drastically reduced. The battery is only used for initial startup, book downloads, and then for turning pages while reading. And, if the WiFi is disabled, it is possible to extend the battery life for weeks and even months, depending on the amount of usage (number of book downloads and reading time). Other e-readers have a much shorter battery life due to the backlit LCD screen, which uses a lot of power and thus requires frequent charging.

In addition, Kindle is constantly improving the e-reader technology and periodically introducing new models. Currently, there are several Kindle models available in varying price ranges to suit every budget and provide lots of reading pleasure!

Article written by Lenka Podzimek, a freelance writer and editor from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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