Call Out For Submissions

Editor Update

Editor Update

A Word From The Editor
Editor’s desk

The count is in, and we’ve sent out the emails and shortlisted our peeps. We have even chosen our reader, a wonderfully experienced editor who we are proud to have on board. To those of you who will be joining our reader bank, we look forward to working with you!

Thanks again, to all who applied, and don’t forget, you are welcome to submit work for consideration via our submissions portal or via our email address. We welcome book reviews, news articles, humour and….


Yes, we are taking our first tentative step into the universe of verse. We will have a poet’s corner on our website, and an award winning poet will judge your entries for our anthology, next spring.

Send your work  and a resume of your poetry-writing background to our email address.

Writing Group

If you live in the London area, please do join us for tea, coffee and critique. Here is the link to our Meetup page. The next meeting will be in the New Year. We have already discovered some intriguing work and hope to uncover more gems!

Keep you posted!

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