Anjem Choudary Getting His Knickers In A Twist – Again

For a long time I have had my doubts, now I am convinced. Notorious rabble-rouser, Anjem Choudary is an actual helium balloon. Note the extraordinary ability to get blown up, particularly when face-to-face with a female interviewer. Towards the end of the interview he morphs into an incredible expansion, his helium balloon rant ever-increasing until you get the impression he is about to burst into a spray of atomic chemicals.  Perhaps he is a new form of social control that our government is covertly testing on an unwitting public. Don’t be surprised to find a gaggle of Helium 4 Choudaries hitting our streets in the near future; manufactured under the halls of Westminster and churned out onto the pavements to act as speed cams, thought police, drug and alcohol monitors, and new form PCSO’s. Further evidence; his salary roughly equates to that of a PCSO, 26k per annum, (in benefits).

Let’s be clear. Choudary didn’t appear out of nowhere. He has been an experiment in the making for over twenty years. Take a look below at the experiment in its early days. All of that hot air was cleverly transmuted into Helium 4, which is the atomic makeup we see today.

Quite an achievement eh?



3 thoughts on “Anjem Choudary Getting His Knickers In A Twist – Again

  1. I dislike Mister Choudary’s extreme views. I find all he suggests as being Allah’s law as nothing short of fascist. However, and bearing in mind I like to see rationality win over said gents opinion, this woman, this American presenter does little to help my cause at all. What she does do is to consistently talk over him even when he is trying to explain something. If only she’d shut up and listen. Allowed to speak he usually does himself damage. Shame Jeremy Paxman couldn’t have chaired this so called debate (fiasco more like), he’d have slaughtered the man by allowing his views, noxious though they are, to be heard.


    1. Let’s face it, this eejit gets more air time than the weather channel, his facist, pro-terrorist, anti-Western views are rammed down our necks ad infinitum, I think the reporter did a fairly good job, I for one have heard enough


  2. I do not know this man, as I live in the States. However, his spiel has the pathetic ring of many so-called minority leaders in the US. The helium analogy is quite apt. Too bad these guys just don’t burst like the balloons they are.


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