Sweet Revenge

By Syed Zaigham Jaffery
Sweet Revenge

You live in a village
By the sea, way, way
Beyond the steps
I could take to you,
Age now stalls the knee…
Hide and seek, we played
Rolled on the grass
In the forests of time
Often climbing the hills
Behind your village by the sea,
Magma flows in full sight !

Then one moonless night,
From that placid sea
This storm of life, winds
Steamed by lava flow,
Came our way,
Singed the grass …
Slowly, I drifted away
As did you, behind that hill
While I went the other way
Waves washed me far away
My lands unknown to me …

The stars that wrote
This script of pain, failed.

On soft black sand beaches
Without umbrage,
We still embrace, by the sea…
Every night, to you, I travel,

In darkness, great distances
Very document-free, and fast
Baggage undetected,
Many gifts of value I bring
Wrapped, endangered all
Memory moments,
Stolen from Times past …

Sweet revenge on systems
Busy building barriers, which
I, with fluid arsenals,
My perfumed thoughts

2 thoughts on “Sweet Revenge

  1. Delightful. I especially like the final few lines. Building bridges is far more productive than burning them or, conversely those building barriers need others to demolish them.


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