A Day When Humanity Died

A black day for not only Pakistan but for the whole world. A day when innocent flowers got scattered piteously. A day when the mother did not know that she is making lunch for the last time. When the father did not know that he will come back to school to bring the coffin. When the friends did not know that they are going to depart in Jannah together after some time.

APSACS, Peshawar targeted by heartless, spiteful scoundrels firing the bullets in the young naive bodies of the students of that school. How, after this terrible incident, could they live happily by killing hundreds of children? How could they find their lands green after painting the land of Peshawar red with blood of faultless children?  What crime did those little souls do?

A Day When Humanity Died

My beloveds, you who think that this was done simply to stop the education of little children?  No, it was not. Your condolences are not enough. Show some empathy and feel the pain as if your children died the same way. Imagine if you will have to cry in front of the dead body of your adolescent children. If you will have to carry the coffin of your child like the fathers Peshawar. If being a mother you will have to accept this bitter reality that the child you gave birth to and nourished is now no more. If you find the dead body of your friend on your lap who daily used to sit next to you? If you get a call from the hospital instead of school to take you martyred child’s body.

Imagine if your own body exploded with the shattering of inhumane bullets? Do you think yourself a human? Don’t say those terrorist were Muslims. Don’t even dare to call them humans. They cannot be. One who felt no sensation while killing those little souls could not claim the title of human being.


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