Writers’ Meetup And More

The monthly writers’ meeting in Twickenham is steaming ahead. We’ve got some really interesting material going into the mix; a futuristic novel about a totalitarian society ruled by women – oddly alluring that; a droll look at the world of high finance through the eyes of an OCD protagonist, a snazzy view of the burgeoning jazz scene in 1950’s London, and an international thriller full of intrigues at Europol.

I’m definitely looking forward to our next meetup!

NLW is now publishing novel excerpts and short stories on site. See here for more info.  We are also looking for completed novels, fiction or non-fiction to represent and/or promote to the publishing world. Help us to help you by sending a sample of your brilliant prose. We promise to get back swiftly.

Listen, I know what it’s like to send your writing and hear…zilch. Boring. No, our aim is to respond to all submissions within a short period, a few weeks at most. Our bank of readers will look at your material and report back, so you should receive at least a paragraph of feedback, and if we like it we’ll publish you online, or in our anthology.

Keep writing, and keep in touch!

Best wishes,


2 thoughts on “Writers’ Meetup And More

  1. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity and adventure. I remember writing my first story for Floyd the Dog, a Book Club out of Portugal. The publisher said they would accept my story, and would put it into International English. I now have compiled all of my animal stories published there over the last four years in a book called Floyd The Dog Story Book Commemorative. https://www.createspace.com/4314858
    It is in support of animal causes across the globe. I’ll be thrilled to send and share one of those stories.
    Where eagles fly,
    Don Greywolf Ford
    Native American Storyteller


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