The Invisible Threat To London’s Economy

One would think that the Square Mile, a slice of London renowned for its booming business and industry, would provide every possible advantage for those companies that call it home. In order to ensure the success of these businesses that provide 22% of the UK’s economic output, technology and infrastructure would be eagerly incorporated so businesses stay competitive, right? Wrong. In actuality, London has been letting its businesses down in a big way. While countless other European cities adopt high speed fibre broadband internet services, London remains at the back of the pack with speeds slower than other UK cities and European capitals alike. A new infographic from Prosyn IT Support shows exactly where it ranks, and the reality is grim. London is bringing up the rear behind Birmingham, Paris, Bucharest, and countless others. With successful modern business so heavily reliant on the internet, it’s only a matter of time before the businesses of London find themselves sitting in similar ranks. That is not an insignificant number! The facts are that the world is changing, fast, and if London doesn’t shape up soon, it will soon be left in the dust!

The Invisible Threat To London’s Economy – An infographic by the team at Prosyn IT Support

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