Martina Cole

I recently picked up a copy of Martina Cole’s book ‘The Take’. Right away, I was hooked. The protagonist, Freddie Jackson is gut-wrenchingly evil, and his beleaguered relatives spin on his malicious axis. This is a crime family you won’t forget in a hurry.

Cole writes from the point of view of the villain, not the police. Her stories about the criminal fraternity are meticulously accurate, and her characters all ring true. Martina puts the success of her writing down to two factors, first; write for yourself (books you would like to read) and second; research, research, research.

The language is unstintingly graphic, but this just adds to the authenticity of the work. There is nothing gratuitous in this lady’s storytelling style. Every sentence supports the build up to an unforgettable ending.

Martina has produced 21 novels to date, four of which have been become TV gold. The best known of these, ‘The Take’ was developed into a TV mini-series in 2009, starring Tom Hardy as Freddie Jackson.









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