what all da fuss about trump

What All Da Fuss About Trump

What all da fuss about Trump? Ee is wonderfool, wonderfool I tell ya. I never met such a man, such balls, such courage, where ee get ’em from? Ees Pops? Ee leads in all da polls, for sure, for certain ee’s gonna be next prez. Ee’s gonna make Americans great again, no more o’ dis bullshit populations, but hey! I is legitimate, my Moms was born here back in da 1950’s, an’ she was here for more’n a week, so I is pure American bona fide legitimate one hunner percent no lie. I love da man, ee gonna tax da rich, and hep da poor, ee got a heart of gold, literally, one hunner carat gold, pure grade, luxury item. Ee gonna make America great again. Ee’s gonna get rid of da bullshit, basically dem ones comin’ in to steal our jobs and rapes our women, yeah, ee gonna whup terrorists, and keep out da muzzies. An Melania, boys what a first lady she makes. Bootifool, like a picture from a magazine, can’t remember witch, but a pretty good magazine too. I give her one any day o’ da weeks. Oh yeah, an now, the UK’s wanna banish him into Great Britain, bullshit! Is an honor for to have such a man – I play pool wid him any day of da weeks. Gotta go, missus callin me to pick up some groceries and shit, sayin’ like she ain’t got nuff to pay da bill. Women!

2 thoughts on “What All Da Fuss About Trump

  1. What utter nonsense. Trump is a cartoon, whose only purpose is to focus people’s attention on the evil caricature of a Conservative, and make them forget about Hillary Clinton’s scandals.


  2. It was GQ magazine Mikey – and well said but where are the pictures matey? Seriously though, I love this method of sardonic humour which, while arguing towards one direction, makes real sarcastic comments going the other way. Nice point too about the offspring of immigrants getting all huffy about immigrants, as his mum Mary was born in Scotland.


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