Instagram Offers Instant Satisfaction

The Instagram world is a cobweb and we all are spiders.

I have been at this social media thing long enough to know my life is not as perfect as Instagram would have me believe. Instagram is a world of excellence and majesty.  Yes, I am an absolute inveterate Instagram-er. The first thing it brought up in my life is hashtags. The addiction of using hashtags has influenced me like everyone else, and whenever  I scroll my Instagram news feed – and my thumb rarely rests tapping those interminable pictures of people having perfect relationships; the best squad; the blissful vacations; the once in a lifetime trip, exploring the beauty of the world, or frequenting high-class trendy cafes and restaurants, or flaunting their beautiful bodies and the oh so amazing new hair cut to the branded shoe lace – I feel myself a miserable person living a miserable life. It exasperates me when I see posts of the people I follow on Instagram.

17332377828_738bf62122_m Instagram is the best tool to mask the reality of your less than perfect life. The hundreds of Beauty Queens (men and women) with their thousands of followers are weighed down with the desire of a perfectly ideal world.  This is the con that social media is now playing; its role is to substitute reality using instant ‘joy’ filters.

The Instagram hero or heroine easily manages to finish a glorious meal (overpriced behind the screen), pose for hours (after facing heat exhaustion) and pretend to be happy (especially when they are not).

Photography was once an art, but now it has forgotten its charm and is no longer practiced by the skilled or innovative mind. A time will come when art galleries will cease to display the indelible art of photography because society will not value a skill so easily peddled on Instagram.

It not only vexes but also saddens me to know that I am becoming obsessive about Instagram and that ultimately this obsession leads to my destruction. In a nutshell, Instagram is the brave new world.

But where is the reality?

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