Cry Against Humanity

It fills him with an inner glow

His cry against humanity.

No greater love can he show

He’s stuffed so full of complacency.


Was he born Anthony Blair,

Or maybe Joseph Stalin?

Tony bombed them with a prayer.

And the tanks rolled over Tallinn.


First be ill, then treasure health,

Do war, then crave for peace.

Never think to share your wealth,

Ere seeing the fleeing piled up in Greece


We are all seekers in our world,

But overlook the consequential loss.

We cheer as banner-wars unfurl,

Then consider what that cost.


I would do it just the same.

The crime comes first, then the relief.

I’d let another take the blame,

And deny the corollary of my belief.


2 thoughts on “Cry Against Humanity

  1. Thank you for the like. I read your article on the murder of schoolchildren in Pakistan, after I wrote the poem, but I realised the relevance of one to the other. Let’s keep at it. A tiny contribution, but maybe all that is open to us.


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