Gnarled Sphinx

The Gnarled Sphinx, a hybrid of immense Size & Antiquity, sits impassive on the plain, its purpose unknown, amidst a menagerie of Ancient Chimeras, impregnable to the modern mind.

Opinion differs whether the Creature is a Symbol, a composite of elements synthesised into a Quintessence, or simply mirrors the Narcissism & Ambition of Monarchs, embodied in a CRUDE MEGALITH.

A series of lateral striations on the flank point to alluvium & graduated levels of flood, but such traces contradict the Standard Chronology; & thus the Paradox endures, even as the form steadily DISSOLVES.

Simultaneously, a Camel, of high tonnage, enters the Metropolis at dusk & encounters a Hermit, absorbed in its Mindless Office; thence crawls the Oblique Slope & Pavement, to sleep under a Tarpaulin.

At dawn, squats on its haunches, crippled by the Platform, Cubicle & Escalator of the Marble Pyramid; forced into Servitude by the droves perched triumphantly on its Hump, the Beast ekes out a Blind & Solitary Existence.

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