I Don’t Know

The moment,
when your heart gets clouded with a plenty of opinions:
some of yours, some of others,
and you keep on moving what to seek, what to leave
and how to form your own opinions,
is the moment that devastates you.
You know a particular act is right
and have a bulk of arguments that support your act at one end,
while at the other, you have a bulk of reasons to support
what you think is wrong,
confusion between what to choose and what to not,
pierces a sword through your body,
you get trapped in a cage of precision
and forget that there is nothing wholly right
and nothing wholly wrong ,
and the rightness and wrongness of an action varies
from person to person.
You let love be a victim and venom take the lead.
You let your insecurities encompass you-
Is it so or I’m trying to justify myself,
my actions, my self-hood?
Perhaps I’m weak
or someone who gets easily inclined towards a hot cake
to not miss the chance to savor it first,
or the one who loves competing against her opponents
but upon losing, starts defending them
in an effort that they will stop competing.
You think this nerve-ending lattice of your confusions
will unfurl itself, and through its pieces you’ll create life,
so you let your thoughts live a life of hopes!

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