You have pared it to the bone
This life
Sold your home
Divorced your wife

You read the news
It scares you to think
The more you absorb
The further you shrink

You say that life is unfair
But what on earth can you do?
You are just a cog in the wheel
You hold no political view

You cannot bear politicians
And despise celebrities too
Your opinions are many and varied
Just as your friends are few

When you were young you had answers
To poverty, war, and greed
Now you shunt off to M and S
To grab the things you don’t need

Your working days are over
Retirement has begun
If only you lived in the South of France
Life would be much more fun

But you note that the immigrant crisis
Is hurting the red, white and blue
You watch them invading the NHS
Stealing your place in the queue

You complain about our miserable world
But have no solutions to offer
If only you’d learn how to shut your beak
The rest of us might not suffer

Photo of British comedian Harry Worth, courtesy of Paul Townsend

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