jump baby jump

Jump Baby Jump

I’ve seen sickness satisfied in upturned eyes.

I’ve seen the monkey, flying the tree, trying to be free,

I’ve seen through to the bone and your blood on the stone,

Where strangers have come opening umbrellas,


Protecting a bed of flowers from urine and rain for…


I’ve seen it all made up, with touching and words.

I’ve seen visitors sit smiling when the door is shut closed.

I’ve heard voices calling,  hush as you answered your phone,

Where the woman watched from a window hiding,


An unmade bed with unmade stories to …


I’ve seen smart-suited men with ardent questions for more.

I’ve seen ribbons and tickets and scattered clothes on the floor;

I’ve seen you dress in veils, move from cupboard to door,

Where spattered stains marked the end of the dancing,


On a cotton bed,  once white when …


I’ve seen the black car waiting, and the blue lights pulsing,

I’ve seen halls hung with arrows from mourning to morning,

And you thought you were lucky escaping with life,

When no-one was home at the end of the night,


Of firings repeating before they stop …


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