I had a subtle thought in my mind–
I hate it when he answers my back
nudges my love,
and spaces my qualms in,
by giving me a set of canons
to let my love abide them.
This very thought soaked my eyes not with tears
but with the reminiscences of past–
those similar incidents banged my mind
I let them do it,
those previous insecurities giggled at me
I folded them under my low-esteem
those inner-demons kept on gliding up and down;
I considered them mere apparitions.
I neither let them pervade my mind
nor permitted them to persuade me.
I let them do whatever they could
just to see whether they rolled up
and leaned onto a different direction,
but their laughter implied a depth
found only where cruelty rules.
I wanted to hate him more than anything else
but since my heart had already flaunted an apex of love,
I had to observe the tie with it,
and move with the pervasive waves
fiercely marking a tug of war between hate and love;
I kept on thinking what to do with him
and finally after muscling up my mind,
I came up with an idea:
Signification is a ubiquitous act
as it is performed even in those egg-shells
where there’s a kingdom of vacancy
and only nothingness rules,
while ignorance is a spewed-sword and it battles perfectly well
against those whom we want to let go
so I gave way to my thoughts
and expanded new vistas for him to go and explore
through a wit of ignorance!

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