Technology – Who Needs It

I’m always complaining about the age of technology, it’s those times when you’re in a queue to pay for something and the till roll runs out or you go into the bank and they say sorry our computers have gone down. We’ve all done it, forgotten to charge the mobile or even worse, top up, it’s a nightmare. What about power cuts and car breakdowns plus the dreaded car alarm to name just a few I won’t go on you all know what I mean the list is endless but it has made me think.

When did it all begin?

My first thought was ‘The wheel’, better check with ‘Google’ there were pages of stuff to read but it did mention The Wheel, as well as early tools. One thing we do know, the wheel is still with us and coming to the fore again, especially at the weekend around the coast of Guernsey, everyone seems to be getting on their bikes.

Don’t we drivers love it, toddling along at ten miles an hour and unable to overtake as the bikers sail by in twosomes and foursomes chatting away to one another, seemingly oblivious to our frustrations as we sit in hi-tec cars unable to use the new gadgets we have paid thousands of pounds for.

Fire alarms, another one that drives me mad, you burn the toast, what happens? You’re deafened by the noise as it rings and rings, you rush frantically around opening windows and doors, waving the tea towel around your head like a whirling Dervish to push the smoke out of the house, the bell won’t stop, what do you do next?

Fetch the broom push the handle unto the offending disc in the ceiling, peace reigns.

Have you ever had to use a fire extinguisher? We have two in the house, I would be terrified to use one, and by the time I have worked out how to undo the fire blanket to smother the flames the whole house would probably be alight.

Why do we have all these things? What did we do in the good old days?

I made a list the other day of all the technology we had in each room, I lost count, it suffices to say that I stopped counting when I reached a hundred.

Just to give you some Idea we have seven radios when one would do, TV’s, a few, several telephones, door bells and outside lights, remotes for the TV’s, the car and the garage even the greenhouse have lights that open themselves. Did I mention radios? we have five for sure and a music centre complete with remote, then there’s DVDs and yes we still have the Video recorder and I know there’s more.

I rest my case, I’m going to bed to lay down my head and dream of long ago when two sticks would make a fire and light would come from the glowing warmth, then the pot would simmer and cook the meal and when the new day dawned the sun would light up the sky.

Cold. O God is that the time? Turn off the blanket, thank goodness for central heating, now for a hot shower, then hear the news, did I time the porridge to come on for eight? Yes!

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