A Rude Awakening

The alarm was sharp and piercing and could not be ignored, I recalled making a little groan as I peeped from my comfy bed whilst my searching fingers found the offending button. I had snarled at the Micky Mouse dial as I muttered under my breath for it to be quiet, at 5am I was in no frame of mind to be disturbed, it was then that reality dawned on me I had promised Stephanie I would be there, I must have been mad, who in their right mind would agree to do this on their day off?

Getting up at 5am, just to watch the Sunrise! I must be mad!

I tumbled out of my bed and bleary eyed, headed for the shower, half an hour and two coffees later I found myself reversing slowly out of my drive praying my engine would not rev or stutter and awake the neighbours, and once out of the Clos I breathed a sigh of relief

It was forecast to be a fine day, the greyness of the sky was just beginning to be tinged with pink as I headed east, though why I had to stop at traffic lights at that hour with a clear road was just a touch frustrating but by then my head was clearing and I was feeling great, this could be fun I thought, just to be able to drive with no vehicles in front or behind me instilled a feeling of freedom and some bravado, a few silly thoughts crossed my mind like, no wonder milkman were such cheerful souls and you never heard farmers complaining about their early starts to the day, not that I knew any farmers but when you saw them on TV for example they seemed the happiest of chaps.

I was driving well within the speed limit no need to rush as I came to the seafront, the sky was now in the first flush of dawn, glints of red and orange streaked across the sea, the Islands stood dark against the brilliant background, I remember thinking, why hadn’t I done this before.

The sudden jolt and sound of tearing metal brought me out of my reverie as my car careered across the road where I came to a shuddering halt, I was in complete disbelief at what had happened. Shaking, I had found myself able to get out and look at the damage. Both doors on the left hand side were hanging at grotesque angles, the car was badly dented, paintwork peeling away, the side mirror dangled down, swinging slowly on its wires, a myriad splinters glistened in the sun

A voice was calling me from across the road. ‘Are you all right ? Don’t move I’m coming over.’

A man approached. ‘I’m very sorry I didn’t see you, I thought I had the road to myself, it was my fault I didn’t look when I came out of the lane but if you’re ure you’re OK I’ll have to go, I’m a fisherman you see and I will miss the tide.’

He gave me his name and number and Insurance company. I told him it was OK to go, he was a nice young man very apologetic.

As he left, a cyclist came along very concerned and offered to ring the police, but after speaking to them at length on the phone it seemed there was no need for them to come out as no one was hurt.

The cyclist stayed with me for a while but as he was on his way to work he also had to wave me goodbye. He had however helped me push the damaged doors back in place before he went.

I was left to decide what to do next, I made the decision to carry on to my destination, the engine was fine, and though I felt a little shaken it seemed the best thing to do.

My friend’s look of shock and bewilderment when I apologised for being late was a sight to see, she wrapped her jacket around me guided me to her car, produced a hot cup of coffee from her flask and we both sat and enjoyed the rest of the sunrise.

She wanted to cancel the breakfast we had booked at the local cafe but I insisted we should have it, I have no recollection of what I ate I only know it gave me the strength to drive my battered vehicle to the nearest garage.

The mechanic looked at me and very sternly informed me that, should I have been stopped by the Police I could have been charged under the dangerous vehicles act or some such thing. I think that upset me more than the accident, I was also informed that short of a write off, it would cost me at least £2,000 to put the car right.

I have decided since then that one Sunrise is enough for me.

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