We invite you to submit a short story, poem or essay for our magazine which will be printed and distributed later this year.

Send your material accompanied by an original (copyright free) photograph or artwork by 31 August, 2017.

What are we looking for?

Clever, caustic, tender, funny perspectives on the social, political, and geographical landscape.

Social; let’s face it, our psychosexual boundaries are becoming seriously blurred!  The new non-binary gender designation threatens to do away with the cherished use of Mr, Mrs, Ms, Master and Miss, and make red tape turn purple!

Political; are we finally waking up from the American and EU dream?  The distance between the rich and the poor on both continents is as wide as the Milky Way, which is not good my dears, because it gets people angry and upset.

Geographical; despite what Trump says, our dear mother earth is threatening to knock us all to smithereens, (a great big ice block recently broke away from the Antartica!).  Not all of us can afford a one way trip to Mars, so we had better start watching our backs!

How do we make sense of it all?  Do we even need to?  Or can we choose language and ideas to create our own reality, shaping it as we see fit?

We welcome your imaginative and thought provoking work  – humorous, serious, philosophical, mind-bending, poetical, lyrical, or deadly.

To submit your short story, poem or essay (no more than 2000 words) head over to our submissions page.


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