Let Time Be A Game

Between two seconds

In time that beckons,

There is a border,

Just to keep order.


The border exists,

Put there to resist

Our desire to stray

Into life, as a play.


No seconds, just acts

Not dependent on facts,

But given to whims

That can end in sins.


Borders are safer,

An imaginary wafer

To hold seconds apart.

Life in a bar-chart.


Seconds like stitches

Joined with hitches,

Is time caught in a net,

To keep fancies in check.


Three score and ten

Is the biblical end.

Waste ten at school

Playing the fool,


And twenty asleep

Or at least counting sheep,

And ten being worried,

Ten being unhurried,


And ten in love

With your turtledove.

Leaves just ten unspent.

So no time to repent!


Crash through those borders

Embrace new disorders,

Love the discorders,

Dispatch time’s daft hoarders.


Let time’s chariot draw near.

Embrace its wings without fear.

Life’s last shovel of earth,

Celebrate like your birth!

From an idea in Gustav Meyrink’s short story, ‘Bal macabre.’

Image – Astronomical Clock in St. Mary’s Church, Gdansk.


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