Rekha—The Diva

A string,
in the process of becoming,
takes all the chances,
good, bad, ugly,
as she is in the pursuit of evolution,
for her, learning engulfs the word ‘judgement’,
she is happy because this is the only word
that resonates with her process,
years pass by,
and she is still buckled into her own self,
still strapped by her charming, bubbly nature—
an only constant that she can afford to have,
still yearns to evolve herself,
not realizing how many sheaths of evolution
her life already ensembles,
and when she will realize,
she will start unfurling herself,
and in the process of deconstruction,
she will become an identity of identification
but not herself!

Image – Eye to Eye by Jeanne Mammen, courtesy of The Ephraim Palace, Berlin

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