A Folly Broken

A man once built a folly,

Because he knew he could.

Friends praised his waste of money.

Used stone, rejected wood.


It would stand forever,

Above a river bend.

An edifice most clever,

Stone it has no end.


It graced the open parkland

A mile beyond his palace.

Stones were piled by human hand,

Gave peasants cause for malice.


Such a careful plan,

Not to build in wood.

Many praised that man,

So many years it stood.


Firstly an orangery,

Then a place of mirth.

A temple of oratory,

Who knows of how much worth?


Then came a wayward Lancaster

Dropped its mighty power.

Detonation of a jackhammer

Left us just its tower.


As a salutary token

They left the tower high,

To show a folly broken

By a folly from the sky.


Image – An Avro Lancaster releasing one of the largest explosive devices employed in WW2. These caused earthquake style destruction. Planes had to be at 6000 feet minimum, to avoid damage. The park an der Ilm in Weimar was hit by such a bomb in March 1945. Only the tower remains of the 1780s Temepelherrenhaus. It was originally an orangery, playhouse, and finally a neo-gothic temple. Classical Weimar is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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