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According to some, Timothy Leary was the high priest of LSD, and his assertions about chaos being the natural state of the human brain are not far off, especially given new discoveries in Quantum Physics and our modern understanding of the unreliability of matter.

Leary saw the human brain as a massive neurological  computer. The human brain contains 100 billion neurons with each neuron having around 10,000 connections with other neurons.

Leary said;

Within our foreheads, there is a chaos, inside our brains a galaxy of information …

Such gigantic numbers are hard for the human mind to grasp.  Leary compared the human-mind-computer to outer space, with its multitude of galaxies and star systems.  He considered the human brain to be as chaotic and incomprehensible  as outer space, the magnitude of which is certainly beyond full human understanding.

In his lifetime Leary was imprisoned multiple times for his advocacy of illegal…

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