So Who Should I Vote For?

I might vote for an ex-chocolate family philanthropist candidate?  Then, I’m off on holiday.

Confused and reluctant I tuned in late to the circus of Question Time to get some idea of how to vote.

These are the fantastic UK election showcases, hustings where there is no direct debate,  and where we are asked to think about questions like,  would you press the red button for a first nuclear strike?

This was posited by a so called intelligent British audience member,  and this reminded me to think,  what would be the context of this scenario?   Then this wasn’t the point of the question, it seemed as though it had to be a simple yes or no answer.  The point isn’t to answer questions thoughtfully, but to make an emotional impact by posing conundrums judged by the baying audience.

Context or any deeper thought is not the province of Question Time or any British election [with the exception of Scotland perhaps] ; British debate is a clash of points of view.

I remember a French friend of mine on first seeing Question Time some years ago  asking , why do they stop talking about a question after a few minutes?  The answer is they don’t want to try to answer, interrogate the question, discuss or investigate, nor find out anything, they simply want to postulate and disagree.  Or worse,  it is possible  that  the politicians can’t think any further, [look at their non-questioning acceptance of the Iraq dossier]  nor can the British people think further,  [they love the tweedledum-tweedledee  argument] . This allows them all to remain happy with themselves in non-sense conflictual identities,  rather than attempt an understanding of themselves, their society or the outside world.

And my red button on my remote was immediately pressed  to change channel, which I did, and I went back to being a part of and  listening to the rest of the world news,  including an in depth analysis of  climate change denial by Donald Trump, a report on Islamic attacks and warfare in the Philippines,  and the  Sri Lankan flooding with 600,000 displaced and hundreds dead,  as well as, an intelligent debate on  the British election campaign,  all  this on France 24 and Euronews,  from panels of people knowledgeable, expert,  and from different viewpoints, and able to discuss.

So if I vote Cadbury what does it mean?  I can’t vote for who I want, I have no voice on policies, I am inadvertently supporting a party leader who I don’t support. And I won’t even  be getting a free chocolate bar, for my vote,  the company concerned isn’t British anymore, it’s now a US company, which I guess is the same way the whole country is going.

Long live better chocolate, [which I’ll get on holiday].


2 thoughts on “So Who Should I Vote For?

  1. Yes, it was a sad demonstration of stupidity, Dimbleby accusing Corbyn of ‘dodging the question’ which seemed sensible to me, who wouldn’t dodge the question, pressing a red button to instigate nuclear war? Are you serious? Lemmings walking to the edge of a cliff. What strikes me, Ireland has just appointed a gay, Hindu prime minister and is talking about openness and inclusivity and opportunity for all, England is talking about closing its doors, leaving Europe and nuking the planet. God help us all. I think I know where I’d rather be right now.


  2. LOL …. yes what a change Ireland has made through the years, moving forward as England moves backward .


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