A New Britain?

A hark back to last October, what’s changed?

New London Writers

Never mind, now we can all embrace ourselves with a Churchillian spirit – there is a war on again,  against terrorism, against the outside.  And the British do war so well, particularly nowadays. The British do very well selling arms. The Saudis love it; the Yemenis just get bombed.  The Afghans, Libyans, and Iraqis have to flee from British military intervention.  And the refugees Britain created are being saved by Greeks and Italians, as they flee to the EU across the sea.  So that’s okay then, it’s not a British problem. The British no longer take refugees.
Then the British do have their new Normandy, their Calais.  Their refugees, including children and women, with every right of entry to the UK, are waiting for British bureaucracy and disappearing justice.  It takes forever, because the British don’t believe in human rights any more, Theresa May wants Britain to leave the EU…

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