The Paper Boat

And the paper-boat I float for you

through a windy night and the darkest blue,

hues of firefly made a sweet garland

of untold desires and a bleeding heart.

The boat did flow to an open end;

My barren eyes could ever cry-

your eyes on me

hands on mine,

Your soul on me

And the rhythm Divine.

The perfect moment I longed for though-

In a gloomy night

With sighs of soul in and out;

My pangs of love you never felt

I sang a song for you my love

And the tune of a flute came out of dark,

That filled my heart with an endless pain;

You embraced my song with the strings of love

Though my heart screamed out and I was dumb

The blissful halo coming out of dark

Shows me the way to be apart from the world of uncertainties.

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