Floating in the universe of undaunted desire

He was walking on the moon and the millions of earth around,

I had a dream of the meteor and-

He took birth on the same day,

How the fiery, extravagant heat

And the ashes of extinction made Him uprooted from the space;

Neither gravity attracted Him

Nor the beauty of earth.

It seems He was thrown into the deep-

And was amidst the fire;

He lied for thousand years to turn to cold …

Days of drizzle, nights of snow, strokes of the wind turned him slow.

The grand incarnation of a sprouting seed

And the sounds of a flute unheard indeed.

He was born in the whirling wind and the thunderstorm;

The spark in his eyes electrified the dark.

I survived a million years to look into these eyes,

To transform into the fuming fire

To shed off the posthumous being-

To greet him with the new wonders…

To celebrate the regeneration

To make him believe on his own words.

He roared, he groaned, and he became silent

In the middle of the night

The time had stopped;

So the moon and the stars….

Began to change their direction of life and death.

He crawled by my side

I wondered the constraint of his limbs

And the hypocrisy of a mind

He lied still as the strongest newborn

And I waited till dawn by His side …

The eternal life of the universe began.

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