7 Copywriting Tools That Rock

7 Copywriting Tools That Rock!

Whether you’re a freelancer, a content marketing manager, or any kind of writer for yourself or for business, copywriting is one of the most important techniques to master.

You’ll already be familiar with the process of proofreading, or, re-reading your work time and time again before you upload and send and editing until perfection. We all know how time-consuming this can be, which is why we’re here to help you speed up your copywriting tasks.

Below, you’ll find a list of ten tools which are ideal for helping you to speed up this process, allowing you to do more and achieve a higher quality of work.

  1. Copy Blogger

Time to go back to school! Copyblogger is an entire platform/website dedicated to teaching you about the best way to write content for whatever purpose you need it. There’s a free blog with helpful tricks and tips that show you the best way to write content. You’ll find paid courses and educational programs that give more exclusive knowledge, helping you to write better, reducing the time you spend on proofreading

  1. Quick Sprout

If you own a website or your own blog, it would physically take years to go through all your pages and content to make sure it’s the best it can be. When you consider the SEO guidelines are constantly changing, there’s simply to time to keep going through pages you have already written. If only there were a tool that could do it for you with a simple click. Fortunately, there is! Simply input your website URL, and Quick Sprout will feed you tonnes of ways to improve your pages!

  1. Writtent

If you’re trying to set up other aspects of your business or you’re working on personal content but don’t have time to write content to fill the gaps between your posts, you can also employ a professional writer to do your copywriting until you’re ready to do it yourself.  With Writtent, you simply input the number of words you want, detail the topic and your requirements and then wait for them to deliver the finished article by your proposed deadline.

  1. Best Australian Writers

Similar to Writtent, Best Australian Writers is a hub of custom writing services where you can find a writer for almost any task. Whether you need something written from scratch, need your article edited to perfection or proofread by an expert second pair of eyes, Best Australian Writers will have a site with the best writer for you.

  1. Hubspot

Hubspot is renowned for being the market-leading content management system. This essential tool will help you to plan your posts as well as add the members of your content teams so everybody can work together fluidly while knowing exactly what tasks need carrying out, as well as who’s doing what. This can also be used as a secure communication tool!

  1. Copywriters Crucible

Similar to Copybloggers, this website is a ‘melting pot’ of knowledge for beginner and professional writers alike. On the site, you’ll find a vast wealth of paid and free articles to educate you on how best to write your desired form of writing. You can expect to find case studies, crash courses, consultation services as well as regular free e-books to their email subscribers!

  1. Readable.io

Finally, to close the list, Readable.io is a premium in-browser copyrighting and proofreading tool where you can copy and paste your data into the window for a whole range of features that will help you improve your writing. You’ll find famous readability scores, SMOG Index ratings, keyword density checkers, reading times and a whole host of features that will help your content to shine.

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