A Word From The Editor

Alice – Editor

Thanks to all of you who have submitted text reports. The quality of analysis and insight is very impressive. We’re finding it difficult to pick a reader from the responses we’ve received so far. Please bear with us while we collate the reports.

Winter is here, so a perfect time to snuggle up and start scribbling.  The temptation to go fol-da-lolling outdoors is much less.  There really is no excuse for writers this side of the water. Grab those tablets, pens and laptops and begin.

Keep those quills-a-quiverin’

As many of you know, Curtis Brown recently nudged the gilded door of fortune to offer new writers a break. The finalists will be announced via ITV’s Be A Bestseller competition this Thursday, so keep an eye out for that.

We still want to hear from you 

If you fought hard to be noticed and haven’t heard a squeak, don’t give up hope. Do keep sending those submissions over to  NLW. We’re already sifting material for our anthology next spring.

Writers’ meetup

Want to have your work critiqued?  Join our writers’ support group, the first of many, taking place Sunday at 3 pm.  Drop us a line or go to the meetup page for more info!  Very excited about this! NLW is planning readings and agency events in the future, so join in and help us to get a buzz going.


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