About Us

NLW promotes and encourages fiction writers, travel writers and poets.

If we like your work, we will invite you to become a contributor on our site, where we will publish your work and notify our social media channels. We also show you off to a network of literary agents, publishers and editors.

We are looking for short stories for our 2017 anthology. The deadline has been extended, contact us for details.

We publish

We post long short stories, novel excerpts, short/flash fiction, occasional interviews/book reviews, and travel articles online. We are flexible about the length of the work – it depends on the nature and quality of the prose. However, if we accept your writing, we may ask you to edit it before publication.

We don’t publish (generally speaking)

Now and then we accept non-fiction articles, political commentary and so forth, but mainly we want good fiction, poetry, travel writing and occasional book reviews or interviews.

To send your work for consideration, head over to our submissions page.

The Team

Editor – Alice Wickham

Associate Editor – Paul Gallagher

Poetry Editor – Jan Moran Neil

Contact Us Below

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