Are You Suffering From Selfiitis?

Facts About Selfiitis.

Researchers have proven that selfie addiction is one of the most common mental disorders in people of today, especially the youngster. It seems that some people simply can’t stop turning the camera their way for that perfect social media photo. This craving has spread all over the world like an epidemic. So, the social media village has trapped us in its web like an unfortunate insect.

This disorder is named as “Selfiitis” and is nothing less than a chronic disease. The addiction increases as one becomes more and more accustomed to taking self-snaps.

I am a selfie addict. I used to take selfies while studying, eating and lying down on the bed. A new dress selfie, a woke up selfie, a pretending to be asleep selfie, van selfie, car selfie, pet selfie, a mirror selfie, and a pout selfie is must. Selfie with a laugh, with a smile, before going out, after a new hairdo, with parents, with friends, in university when preparing for an hour left exam, after exam, during making assignments, in depression, giving expressions, a boredom selfie and a bundle of other selfies are now the natural components of my life. There is never a particular reason to take a selfie each day.

So the signs and symptoms are all transparent that I am suffering from “Selfiitis” which badly nettles my parents and sometimes the people around me. None of my days go without taking a selfie.

It is not only me who is suffering from this serious, nervous disorder; it might be you as well, because whoever uses social media will definitely be prone to taking selfies and uploading them frequently.

eye death

Time will come when this dangerous desire will become the norm, and we will find people taking selfies with the person bleeding on the road after an accident instead of taking him to the hospital. A selfie with a dead body with weepy eyes and even before going to commit suicide will be standard community behaviour.

We should be on the alert to the adversity of our selfie habit. This addiction may signal the end of the human race, or even a trigger a mild depression.

After reading this article, are you going to stop taking selfies? No. Of course not. Why? Because you too are suffering from Selfiitis.

This article comes to you from Ramsha Ehtesham


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