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dark web

Dark Web

Sanity is aided by indifference to the theatre of doom we call ‘News’. Now and then something seeps through –  against my will, I start thinking about the event. This time it was the so-called, Dark Web.

These Thoughts

These Thoughts

These Thoughts ‘I think, therefore I am.’ Well, how presumptuous is that? Where do they come from? These demons   And why must I think…

New Anthology From Paradise Press

New Anthology Paradise Press

Paradise Press has published gay and lesbian writing since 1993. The press is a plucky, proud and steadfast community of LGBT writers, and probably the…

Join The Krew At Kritikme

Join The Krew at Kritkme!

For those of you on the NaNoWriMo journey, when the dust of November settles, the daily routine and regimen of The Novel in Ninety plan at…

Yogesh Patel

Yogesh Patel and The Indian Whales

The Indian whales surface at the National Poetry library, London! Yogesh Patel with Mona Dash, Dr Bashabi Fraser, Rishi Dastidar and Dr Debjani Chatterjee Poetry…

movie screening dunkirk

Dunkirk The Movie

The Imax movie screening Dunkirk at Odeon Cinema in Kingston last night? I left before it ended.

The Naked Hope Of Quentin Crisp -Mark Farrelly

Naked Hope – Mark Farrelly

In Naked Hope, Mark Farrelly’s Quentin Crisp is dapper. The show depicts Crisp’s youth and his later life in America. Here is a young man…

Interview With Screenwriter Paul Gallagher

Paul Gallagher

Paul Gallagher from Twelve Chairs Films discusses his company, and the art of film.



Okay, this is it folks, robot writers have taken over the newsrooms. Forget the corporate media hijack, now it’s software bots who are threatening to…

Irexit? No. A Chance To Redefine Ireland


The intelligentsia’s very own Katie Hopkins has spoken; Ireland must leave the EU.  In her recent commentary, (aka mad outburst), Melanie Phillips states that it is in Ireland’s best interests to do so.  On her blog/website, me me me dot com, the great oracle redirects the reader to Ray Basset’s pamphlet outlining the case for another political amputation. Ray Bassett, former Irish ambassador to Canada and an avid Irish Tory, views Ireland solely through the lens of historical dependence on Britain.