Andrew and Abigail

Andrew and Abigail

Read the next installment from Diane van der Westhuizen's comic novella, "Dead on Time".

Dead On Time

Dead On Time

"... Aaaand winning by a nose... iiit’ss Mistress Maryyyy!” The grey mare lunged over the winning post as the jockey victoriously raised his crop in the air. Spectators in the stands and lining the turf erupted in hoots and hollers as they hugged one another. Mistress Mary’s odds were twenty to one and those brave … Continue reading Dead On Time

Love Your Wine by Cathy Marston

Love Your Wine  Most of us, I would guess, divide wine into these three classes: (a) Eye-wateringly expensive (for wine snobs and oligarchs only); (b) So cheap you’re convinced it would be more suitable in a salad dressing or as a paint remover, or; (c) reasonably priced and tastefully packaged enough so as not to … Continue reading Love Your Wine by Cathy Marston

Constantia and it's neighbours

Constantia And It’s Neighbours by Dr Helen Robinson

The Thursday Club, hosted by Sandy Bailey, is a group of bibliophiles who regularly attend book launches at the Buitenverwagting Wine Farm in Constantia to enjoy delicious food, wonderful wines and to have the honour of meeting authors up close and personal. I have had the pleasure of attending the last three of these launches … Continue reading Constantia And It’s Neighbours by Dr Helen Robinson

I want you dead by peter james

I Want You Dead

I WANT YOU DEAD – By PETER JAMES Peter James was recently in South Africa to launch his crime thriller, I Want You Dead, his latest in a line of 10 best-selling novels featuring Detective Superintendent Roy Grace. As with the previous novels, this thriller also takes place in Brighton, where Peter currently resides for … Continue reading I Want You Dead

Cynic's Guide To Publishing

The Cynic’s Guide To Publishing

Written a book have you? Your first, I hear you say? Well done you! No, truly, congratulations. You've spent long, lonely hours banging away on your computer with only your cat (or dog, if you're of the canine persuasion) for company. Your friends and family think: (a) you've emigrated to Outer Borneo; (b) you're dead; … Continue reading The Cynic’s Guide To Publishing

Oilsome Seagull

Seagulls – beautiful yet wild, mischievous yet fierce, aggressive yet comical, omnipresent yet barely noticed by humans. And when we do notice them it’s normally for the wrong reasons – stealing food, dive-bombing anyone who gets too close to their young, or generally squabbling amongst themselves and making a racket. In short, being a nuisance, … Continue reading Oilsome Seagull