Yin's Yang

Yin’s Yang

A poem by Fizza Abbas


At the verge of demolition, life often gives you mysterious surprises, fascinating hopes, glittering dreams, battered ideas, just to distract you from the current happenings; a heart, that is already torn, broken and pierced by a whole set of presumed consequences, scatters all over the universe, creating a whole passage for humanists to come and … Continue reading Virginity

Rekha—The Diva

A string, in the process of becoming, takes all the chances, good, bad, ugly, whatsoever; as she is in the pursuit of evolution, for her, learning engulfs the word 'judgement', she is happy because this is the only word that resonates with her process, years pass by, and she is still buckled into her own … Continue reading Rekha—The Diva


A tree died out leaving a branch detached from the fellow branches A solitary branch while facing the sky smiles and asks for a companion autumn comes to rescue!

Big Bellies

Big bellies demand strength to withstand the calamities of life, and when, instead of getting strength, they are offered support systems, they change their core to an extent that they lose their connection with the body they are associated to, and Mill gets a chance to say, bodily pleasures are the lower ones!

Lumbar Room By Saki

Lumber Room By Saki

A story by Saki perfectly explains how a child’s imagination always come into conflict with dull and constricted world of adults Last night, I was reading a story ‘Lumber Room’ written by Hector Hugh Munro, better known by his pen name 'Saki' where he draws a contrast between the world of an adult and a … Continue reading Lumber Room By Saki

Bottled Up

Bottled Up

I poked a hole in a hard-boiled egg naively expecting it would change it's nature and would turn soft, but it proved itself just another fucking ball of life— unyielding, conventional controlled, non-willing. Basically, a new humanoid in the making. In the realm of possibilities, will I ever see things beyond man-made artifice?



A wrestler in the ring attacked by another wrestler showing the same feats of courage as his opponent against his opponent not to win the battle but to prove his identity that others render as supercilious but for him, is as equivalent as a law because he is an object not a subject in the … Continue reading Creation

Ice And Fire

Ice And Fire

If life ever asked me to marry anyone contrary to my decision of not marrying any, I will marry any physically-abled man because I'm a mentally-abled woman myself. He will channel all his efforts to decrease my pain and to camouflage me against physical or emotional calamities; while I, being not in a proper mental … Continue reading Ice And Fire

Tete a tete


I wanted to efface some pages of my life So I asked for help from my friend. She was busy collecting and compiling the torn pages of the notebook she was carrying so she asked me to wait for a while. I kept waiting - she kept compiling them. After some time, I expressed my … Continue reading Tête-à-Tête