At the verge of demolition, life often gives you mysterious surprises, fascinating hopes, glittering dreams, battered ideas, just to distract you from the current happenings; a heart, that is already torn, broken and pierced by a whole set of presumed consequences, scatters all over the universe, creating a whole passage for humanists to come and fix by replacing the damaged arteries with other vessels of … Continue reading Virginity

Lumbar Room By Saki

Lumber Room By Saki

A story by Saki perfectly explains how a child’s imagination always come into conflict with dull and constricted world of adults Last night, I was reading a story ‘Lumber Room’ written by Hector Hugh Munro, better known by his pen name ‘Saki’ where he draws a contrast between the world of an adult and a child. Nicholas, the male protagonist of the story, has been … Continue reading Lumber Room By Saki



A wrestler in the ring attacked by another wrestler showing the same feats of courage as his opponent against his opponent not to win the battle but to prove his identity that others render as supercilious but for him, is as equivalent as a law because he is an object not a subject in the story created by him while a ring is his identification … Continue reading Creation

Ice And Fire

Ice And Fire

If life ever asked me to marry anyone contrary to my decision of not marrying any, I will marry any physically-abled man because I’m a mentally-abled woman myself. He will channel all his efforts to decrease my pain and to camouflage me against physical or emotional calamities; while I, being not in a proper mental state, will not understand what pain is and end up … Continue reading Ice And Fire

Tete a tete


I wanted to efface some pages of my life So I asked for help from my friend. She was busy collecting and compiling the torn pages of the notebook she was carrying so she asked me to wait for a while. I kept waiting – she kept compiling them. After some time, I expressed my urge to read them. Without any second thoughts, she let … Continue reading Tête-à-Tête