After Botched Execution, Oklahoma Replaces Lethal Injection with “Death by Dumbo”

Oklahoma Replaces Lethal Injection with “Death by Dumbo”

Following the “incomplete” execution of Clayton Locket in Oklahoma earlier this year, the Oklahoma legislature has voted to replace lethal injection with “Death by Dumbo”. Dumbo, a rogue circus elephant convicted of killing his long time handler in the late 90’s, is slated to become the state’s newest executioner. Following the nationally embarrassing spectacle, Oklahoma’s dim but duly elected governor Mary Fallin asked her Cabinet … Continue reading Oklahoma Replaces Lethal Injection with “Death by Dumbo”

Campaign Issues For Dummies

For those of us having a hard time keeping up with the issues this election year there’s welcome help on the horizon. John Wiley and Sons, Inc. has released the latest in their series of voter issue references entitled, “Campaign Issues for Dummies”. Using familiar icons as chapter headers, you’ll be able to quickly locate the issue of your choosing. Read, be informed and remember … Continue reading Campaign Issues For Dummies

Is The Strain LOST In The Eye Of The Beholder?

I’ve sure you’ve seen the advertisements of the small worm burrowing into an eyeball. These days when I think of eyeballs, I think of two things:  “The Twilight Zone” and “Lost”. Only one of them makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Also brought to you by the letter “eye”  and coming soon to a network near you, is “The Strain”. “The Strain” is a revision on the age old vampire tale and  premiered on FX July 13, 2014. It is a collaborative effort, written by Guilermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan based on their somewhat obscure vampire novel trilogy. Del Toro pitched the idea as a series some time ago and apparently somebody caught it.  But there is another “eye” connection here. Continue reading “Is The Strain LOST In The Eye Of The Beholder?”

Old Man Winter Gives Control To Son Biff

Old Man Winter has reportedly turned over operational control of the winter season to his son, Biff according to sources close to the personification of nature. Citing health issues, Old Man Winter made the announcement in late November and his overly ambitious son has wasted no time in establishing complete control over the frigid manifestation. After first declaring himself president and CEO of Winter, Inc. … Continue reading Old Man Winter Gives Control To Son Biff