The Akan House of Mysery

The Akan House Of Mystery

Don’t be fooled by the title. "The Akan House of Mystery" by George B. Streetor is not a mystery novel, but rather a detailed historical account of the Akan people, who are an important ethnic group of West Africa (mostly Ghana and the Ivory Coast) and comprise over twenty million people. The book is divided … Continue reading The Akan House Of Mystery

Writers block begone

Writer’s Block Be Gone!

As writers, we’ve all experienced it. You know, the blank page, brain fog, shutdown, nothing. The muse has left the building. Yes, writer’s block affects every writer at one time or another, and even the most seasoned scribe is not immune. Writer’s block can be frustrating and downright annoying, but there are a few things … Continue reading Writer’s Block Be Gone!

kindle, king of readers

Kindle, King of Readers

There are three main reasons why Kindle is the King of Readers. Electronic readers (e-readers) are a popular alternative to traditional paper books. They are small and portable, but can store hundreds of books, magazines, and newspapers. Owning an e-reader is like having a library in the palm of your hand. There are many different … Continue reading Kindle, King of Readers