Who am I? I am the blank canvas fully exposed and transparent, absorbing and replenishing. Taking out my brushes, I carefully construct the image of corporate respectability, blending in the cracks with coloured crayons. I put on my body armour, but feel weighed down by the sense of growing expectation. Sitting in the carriage, I feel an affinity with the invisible woman sitting opposite travelling to … Continue reading Searching

Lao Country

The midnight hour, opens up a canopy of stars, illuminating the golden palace gates.   Creating an ethereal appearance, the full moon submerges riverbanks, ancient temples, local schools, the bombed out remnants of things remembered, torn apart by man and machine.   The countryside consists of private labyrinths, jungle, valleys, streams and mountains, military plants, waterfalls, corrugated steel bridges.   A woven tapestry, of forest … Continue reading Lao Country