Big Driver - Stephen King's Dangerous Genre Study

Big Driver – Stephen King’s Dangerous Genre Study

In Big Driver, one of the novellas featured in Full Dark No Stars, Stephen King once again presents a writer as the main protagonist. Not an unusual thing considering that one of King’s favourite themes has always been the writing process, and for that he has created a number of characters who make a living out of their words. Some deserve special mention, such as … Continue reading Big Driver – Stephen King’s Dangerous Genre Study

Read Alert! Who's telling who?

Who’s Telling Who?

Choosing the narrator is the trickiest part of starting a new piece, specially a long one. While revising your first draft, there will be tons of things you’ll want to change: setting, plot points, characters’ names, characters’ motivations and many, many other details. But it can be a real obstacle for your book when you read that draft and realize you’re not satisfied with who’s … Continue reading Who’s Telling Who?