The Convenient Cadaver – Chapter Preview

An excerpt from Matt Ferraz's Grandma Bertha murder mystery series, out now on Amazon

grandma - she's a detective at heart

Grandma – She’s A Detective At Heart

Write about what you know, they say, and that seems to be broadly true. Yet, knowing something can be more subtle than one would think. Sure, an author writing about medieval castles and goblins might not have much experience dealing with them – especially goblins, which are so hard to find these days. And knowing … Continue reading Grandma – She’s A Detective At Heart

Big Driver - Stephen King's Dangerous Genre Study

Big Driver – Stephen King’s Dangerous Genre Study

In Big Driver, one of the novellas featured in Full Dark No Stars, Stephen King once again presents a writer as the main protagonist. Not an unusual thing considering that one of King's favourite themes has always been the writing process, and for that he has created a number of characters who make a living … Continue reading Big Driver – Stephen King’s Dangerous Genre Study

Read Alert! Who's telling who?

Who’s Telling Who?

Choosing the narrator is the trickiest part of starting a new piece, specially a long one. While revising your first draft, there will be tons of things you’ll want to change: setting, plot points, characters’ names, characters’ motivations and many, many other details. But it can be a real obstacle for your book when you … Continue reading Who’s Telling Who?