Campfire Tales

Campfire Tales

Sacred Island The aged boat slid through the water and gently nosed out into the harbour. She was a well-loved and open sixteen-footer with mainsail and jib. A gentle breeze tickled her sail as she began to slip along and out in the middle there were fierce gusts filling sails and pushing other vessels towards Rangitoto. With six of us crammed in there amongst our … Continue reading Campfire Tales


Chappy by Patricia Grace

Patricia Grace DCNZM, QSO is a matriarch of Maori literature. She has been long-listed for the Booker and was winner of the prestigious Neustadt International Prize for Literature, the Kiryama Pacific Rim Fiction Prize and the Literaturpreis from Frankfurt, among many others. She has produced six novels and seven short story collections, as well as children’s books and non-fiction. This is her first work in a decade. Continue reading Chappy by Patricia Grace

Red lines

Red Lines.

Paul decided to quit for good. Should he tell the foreman? Nah! Nervously he balanced his stainless steel blade on the rim of number nine – they’d easily find it there – and briskly made his escape through the factory exit. Outside he sniffed at the fresh air. A feckless breeze nudged the sweat off his cheeks, bringing with it the weird babel of two … Continue reading Red Lines.

Music is theatre is art

FANTASIA – Music Is Theatre Is Art.

We never had the internet. Music was our language back in the day, just as the internet is common currency for young people today. Music was a sounding board, a common ground but it was more than this: music was a beautiful field of fantasy. My mate Michael had a vast collection of LP records kept in beer crates on his bedroom floor. The crates … Continue reading FANTASIA – Music Is Theatre Is Art.