Interview With Screenwriter Paul Gallagher

Interview With Producer and Screenwriter Paul Gallagher

Paul Gallagher from Twelve Chairs Films discusses his company, and the art of film.



Okay, this is it folks, robot writers have taken over the newsrooms. Forget the corporate media hijack, now it's software bots who are threatening to rule the roost. AP is in the lead with this, using software to create news items and business articles. Yahoo and Fox are also in on the act, auto generating … Continue reading Newsbots

Irexit? No. A Chance To Redefine Ireland

Irexit? No. A Time To Redefine Ireland

The intelligentsia's very own Katie Hopkins has spoken; Ireland must leave the EU.  In her recent commentary, (aka mad outburst), Melanie Phillips states that it is in Ireland's best interests to do so.  On her blog/website, me me me dot com, the great oracle redirects the reader to Ray Basset's pamphlet outlining the case for another political amputation. Ray Bassett, former Irish ambassador to Canada and an avid Irish Tory, views Ireland solely through the lens of historical dependence on Britain.

The Solution Committee Decides What To Do

The Solution Committee Decides What To Do

SOLCOM, the government's solution committee meet in secret to find a solution to the impending national crisis

Myth Of The Moneyless Tree

The Myth Of The Moneyless Tree

A poem about inequality

Thanks For The Visit - Now How About A Donation

Thanks For The Visit – Now How About A Donation?

Trooping the colours at a time like this? Really?

Here We Go Again - Putting The Pound Before People

Here We Go Again – Putting The Pound Before People.

Grenfell. The big question on everyone's mind is how did this happen?  Yes, how? That's a question for another day.  The possible answer is awful, and I won't even go there.   The fact is that people lost their lives in terrible circumstances, and guess what, this might have been prevented. My more immediate question … Continue reading Here We Go Again – Putting The Pound Before People.

system failure

System Failure

And as our supremo supercomputer Maybelline attempts to obey her contradictory commands, the integrity of the entire system is at risk. Does Maybelline not know that it is defective, that metaphorically speaking there is ladder in her tights, and that something has gone 'orribly wrong? No, not her, because these mechanisms, however realistic they appear … Continue reading System Failure

Bravo Ireland!

Bravo Ireland! 

With all the election anxiety here in the UK, how refreshing to read about Ireland's newly elected prime minister.  Once considered the most conservative country in Europe, it is nothing less than a miracle that Ireland has voted in favour of inclusivity and openness. For decades, young people left Ireland's shores for a future elsewhere. … Continue reading Bravo Ireland! 

Corbyn or May? No Contest

Corbyn Or May? No Contest

Jeremy Corbyn is no saint, nor would he claim to be, but the vitriol in the media is astonishing.  He is being touted in the press as a loser, a terrorist sympathiser, anti-monarchist and a threat to national security. He is being shown in photographs apparently cuddling up to the leaders of the IRA, and … Continue reading Corbyn Or May? No Contest